“I Turned My Failure Into My Stimulus For Art”-Kavita Nayar

Artist Kavita Nayar believes that the process of creating each of her works has been like giving birth. In her words, “I look at this work in front of me with a realization that I am a part of this marvellous chain and think in surprise “that is me but not mine”.

Her works are on display at Desi Canvas’s 5th show ‘I.M.PRINT’ — a show of 6 printmakers. I took the opportunity and had a brief conversation (over Email) with her about her work, style and journey.

Ashish: What is the story behind you becoming an artist?

Kavita Nayar: Failure in getting the Nehru Award in 8th class (in which we had to paint the space with our imagination) goaded me to take up Fine arts in Higher Secondary(9th class) against the will of my teachers, Principal and parents. I had all hopes that I will get this award and will be given the opportunity to go to Russia for 13 days, but instead, my friend’s work was selected and she went. This was the time when Neil Armstrong had landed on the moon.
I was born in Amritsar but brought up in Kolkata. (I) did my schooling in Kolkata and went to do my college in Shantiniketan for 5 years …

Ashish: What inspires you to put your energy into art?

Kavita Nayar: The pent up emotions which want to be relieved is the main source of energy.

Ashish: What materials do you use in your paintings?

Kavita Nayar: I work a lot with oil pastels on paper, acrylics on canvas, Etchings, silkscreens.

Ashish: How have you evolved as an artist? (your journey so far).

Kavita Nayar: Journey has been very challenging and adventurous. I go to my studio every day where I am all alone with my thoughts.Have been the recipient of many scholarships and awards.I believe in working only. And, that is what I have done throughout my life. I have been a freelance artist. Never taken up a full-time job. But I love teaching as visiting professor, where you go for a short time and give your best to the students. I have taught in Jamia Millia Islamia, College of Art, Delhi University, Polytechnic and Aurobindo Institute.