(CNN)Love her or now not, she’s one among Africa’s most famous news and gossip writers. Now she’s hoping to tackle Facebook with her very very own social community, which she says hit 50,000 signal-united states on the primary day.
 Linda Ikeji, a former version from Lagos, Nigeria, says her social community, LIS (Linda Ikeji Social) has something others lack: a one-prevent store for the whole lot on-line.


“Approximately 30-forty million Nigerians are now online, and they undergo such a lot of sites,” Ikeji informed CNN.
 “They go to Facebook for connecting with friends. They arrive at my weblog to read the news. They buy and promote things and visit places like Nairaland wherein they alternate critiques.”
 Just six days in, the community has 86,000 fans. In the subsequent 5 years, Ikeji said she hopes to be the new Fb.
 “Facebook is my competition,” stated the businesswoman, who’s well-known for her tabloid reporting, which many have criticized for promoting gossip and lacking in credibility.
 In 2014 her blog came under scrutiny amidst allegations of plagiarism and unfair utilization of pics which brought about the blogging platform Blogger, run by means of Google, quickly taking her internet site offline.

The cash incentives are paid out to the so-known as ‘pockets’ — a section of the community wherein humans upload their bank account info.
 It stays to be seen if every person will hit that high. For now, she will be able to pay out a weekly percentage of her advertising and marketing revenue to the most famous money owed, she says.
 “subsequent week we are placing N20,000 ($63) every into 50 humans’ wallets,” Ikeji stated.
 The community also plans to pay users N8,000 (around $25) for unique news content.
 The purpose of the commercial enterprise is to provide again to the online network.
 The strategy ought to mean right money for users, and the social network who gets assist with attracting humans to signal-up. A win-win, she explains.
 “Being on social networking sites make the (web site) proprietors billionaires. You being on our website online will make us cash, however, on the same time we can share some of that cash with you.”
 A million dollar business
 Ikeji is everywhere inside the on line sphere, with 1.32 million Twitter followers and 796,000 following her Instagram account.
 It all commenced 10 years in the past, whilst she became modeling and came throughout a weblog publish Approximately herself. “I favored it and I desired to start my very own blog.”
 lower back then, blogs were greater personal bills of people’s lives, she stated. “I wanted some thing more exciting. I wanted to do gossip and information, and that I gave them something special.”
 Already a celebrity, it quickly drew a variety of readers.
 “It turned into like a superstar blog: humans knew who I was and had been very interested in what I had to say.”
 It appears to have labored. Today her weblog has around 7 million page views in step with day and is, in particular, famous with Nigerians dwelling overseas in countries including China, Dubai, and the U.S., according to Ikeji.
 “It is the primary blog in Nigeria,” she says.
 However popular and a hit she claims to be, Ikeji is still arguable. Some say she is getting rich on gossip.
 She says the criticism is specifically down to two matters: Jealousy and the usual online critique famous human beings frequently bear.
 “There are folks that are jealous because they do not recognize how any person can be so successful at some thing such a lot of others are seeking to do.”
 Others simply don’t like what she does, but Ikeji seems unfazed.
 “They will no longer consider the manner I do stuff. They will criticize and display their opinion, that is nice to me.”