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Imagine Yourself in Your Own Future

erana's ordinary life
Jun 3 · 2 min read

Yesterday, I was at really cool conference about Gamification. At the end of the day, we could attend a workshop if we wanted to. So i chose one of them and it was: Storytelling Workshop.

No, I’m not gonna talk about workshop. Actually im gonna talk about just one question. A simple question asked to participants to get to know each other: Let’s close your eyes and imagine your future and then describe that future like you live in that moment. And i started to tell mine.

“ I woke up with the first light of the day, that the important part because that means i’ve already had a habit of getting up early. And then i went to my beautiful garden, whenever i imagine my house in the future there is always a house with a big garden, and i meditated. After that Breakfast blah blah.. and that was my morning routine. “

I have to cut this right now because one girl who listening to me said “What in your own future you are imagining yourself ever morning waking up like 6 am? Really? In my future im sleeping until midday. And then i continued.

After the Breakfast i have go to work or maybe i am working at home idk, probably not home office otherweise i will be depressed to staying at home all day.

And one gay asked: What type of job? What are you doing for a living? That moment i realized the job wasnt so important as long as i enjoy that job. I mean when i imagine my future i never thought about a specific job, i only felt the passion and love for the thing that im doing for a living. Isnt it enough? Or should I be more Goal-Oriented? Or am I too unrealistic for that future? Because when people started to their own future they were so big and specific and mostly i realized materialist: Of course they were talking about passion or something like that but they were always live BIG. Like they were always want more.

And i asked to myself: “Should I goal the biggest one? Or the most satisfying one? Or from a different perspective am i thinking to small? Eventually its just imagine and sky is the limit. Do I limit my sky?” These are my Questions. I dont know maybe I can answer this Questions later or some day. But for a now all I have to do is Writing. Maybe that will the answer one day. Am I lazy or something else..

erana's ordinary life

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