social capital

the origin of social capital is an idea particularly associated with the work of french sociologist ‘Pierre bourdieu’ that refers to a group of individuals or entities who trust and work together , becoming a powerful asset that count in the daily lives of people (social unit). this term was also influenced by american political scientist ‘ Robert Putnam’ who divided social capital into two categories : [bridging social capital and bonding social capital]. social capital also was known to raise differences between countries and increase social inequalities(ex: males have more social groups than females). and due to the informal nature of social media, allows social capital to explore more social values and relationships that are not easily measured. on the other hand sociologists fear that the act of social networking is reducing intimacy in society as it deletes the face to face conventional engagements and creates destructive-long lasting bonds between people, which could effect in downgrading society and social instability

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