Best Virtual Reality Apps For Android and IOS

Having a virtual reality headset is not enough until you have the right kind of suitable application where you can get a lot of resources.

Yeah, you expected right! In this article, we are posting Best VR Apps for android and IOS. These apps are compatible with regular Android and iOS apps and they definitely they don’t require high priced Samsung’s Gear VR mobile headset.

List of Best VR Apps For Android and IOS

#1 Youtube

Yes, Youtube is one of the Best VR Apps that you can try. You can watch and enjoy 360-degree videos and virtual reality on YouTube. You can watch various video from wildlife to music videos on YouTube. For easiness, just use “360” and “VR” terms with your desired keyword on YouTube.

#2 Google CardBoard

Download Google CardBoard

Most of the people download Google CardBoard app when they use VR headset for the first time because this app is pretty much famous and awesome of course. You can also see this app listed in other cardboard compatible apps that are available. So in case you are looking for a decent VR app that you can surely go with Google CardBoard app.

#3 Zombie Shooter VR

Download Zombie Shooter VR

If you want to have an awesome experience of VR gaming, then I would suggest you to try Zombie Shooter VR. This is a game application which is available on Android as well as iOS operating system. As the name says — In this game yo can kill Zombies. In the early days when this game was launched it was a paid app, but later on, they made it free due to fierce competition in the VR ecosystem. But there are some in-app purchase in the app if you want to upgrade your gaming experience.

#4 CardBoard Camera

Download CardBoard Camera

CardBoard Camera is an app developed by Google. By using this app, you can take 360-degree pictures via your Android and iOS devices. This app is very easy to use, and you don’t need to sign in/sign up with Google account to use this app. Just download this app and install. Now you are ready to go and use this app.

#5 Expeditions

Download Google CardBoard

You can find this app in play store under the Education category. However, this app is more fun than education and people of the all age group can enjoy equally. You can experience world’s most popular destinations, places. Currently, this app has around 200 expeditions, and more locations are being added continuously by developing a team.

#6 Google Arts and Culture

Download Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture is app which is very similar to Expeditions, but the difference is this app is focused on museums, heritage sites, and historical places. This app is compatible with Google CardBoard and hundreds of locations you can watch and experience by this app. This app is one of the free best VR apps available. Also, this app shows you real time information about different places so that you can get useful knowledge about that place.

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