My thoughts on “Design is a conversation”

After reading the Design is a Conversation article I agree that the line or boundaries between humans and machines are ever growing closer. As well as that, using conversational technologies allows us to have and design more natural experiences when interacting applications and technology because we no longer need to think and carry out actions like a computer to achieve goals using machines but rather speak them as you would to another human being.

As great as this sounds I also think that there are some potential restriction and issues with this technology. For example when on the move or the go using conversational devices to speak to a machine in public can be socially awkward or the sound around you can make this type of service extremely difficult and impractical. I also find that allot of the time you need to speak quite artificially like all the adverts for it to pick up everything you’re saying which takes the natural feel away. It’s just easier and more efficient to just reply to others using standard messaging.

For example smaller more personal devices such as smart watches may not have keyboards due to smaller screens and force users to reply using pre-defined responses which can feel quite artificial or use conversational technologies to reply the way you want to which again brings up the same issues when using this service in public and on the go, you may find yourself pulling out your smart phone anyway.

In conclusion I agree that conversations are the beginning and I think that these technologies have allot of potential to providing a more human like and natural user experience as well and create new possibilities for us to interact with technology to make our lives more convenient . However refining and development is needed and I think devices shouldn’t make this the only form of communication.

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