Fundraising For The Edhi Foundation

“No religion is higher than humanity.’’― Abdul Sattar Edhi

These words are from a richest poor man of Pakistan, A true humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi. This statement looks very simple and short but if we see deep inside the meaning, it is the base of Islam.

Everyone knows Abdul Sattar Edhi because of his work and deeds for mankind. People knows him as a richest poor man, a man who begged for others. This man created an extraordinary example for the world that ‘’humanity is biggest religion’’.

We know that Edhi Sb is not with us now, may God grant him high rank in Jannah, and his son, Faisal Edhi, is taking over the Edhi Foundation. The donations are continuously decreasing after Edhi sb and many people stopped their funding to the organization. So, me with some of my friends decided to raise funds for the organization. We discussed about a lot of ideas, many were not practically possible. After lot of discussion and brain storming, we decided to go to the public place like shopping malls and ask the people for donations.

Everyone arrived at the rendezvous point by 6 p.m. After that we set out to take permission from the management of the Al Fateh mall. I’d say we were quite unfortunate for not getting so. Their entrance was the prime location to collect the funds as it was the only mega mall there and the time 6 p.m. meant it was the rush hour. But one cannot blame them either, it was not in their policy to let anyone use their entrance for any activities not supported by them.

We then moved on to the RCG Mall, which is the biggest mall in Faisalabad for shopping of the clothing brands. After convincing their administration that we were there to legitimately collect funds for the Edhi Foundation and that we had no political affiliations with anyone, they allowed us to use their premises given that we do not disrupt the flow of their customers.

So it all started with just a few guys standing on the pavement, some holding charts, some persuading people, running after them. Talking them through to donate was somewhat difficult. Initially it was tough to break our egos and ask people to donate.

Facing our fears through the charity collection was not an easy task for us. The more we struggled more we faced the perplexed situation. We were rejected by the management, people and community. Even the street beggars were criticizing us, but we were tougher than the infliction.

We learnt a lot through this moral activity, although it was against our self-esteem and self-respect. We defied with our procrastination to instigate unknown people for help of those whom we don’t even know. We accomplished our task through Teamwork, by implementing the divide and conquer rule. We divided into 3 sections, assigned our particular goals, scattered into our predefined vicinity and persuaded people to donate for the deserving people. We made our adversities our opportunities thus hoping for the best to happen. Rejections made us stronger and stronger thus we became self-motivated.

Observing philanthropists working for the society is an easy job, but working as a social worker? It is kind of most hectic job. Social workers have patience, generosity, compassion and they are down to earth. We realized their real worth by acting as philanthropists which enhanced respect for them in our hearts. Moreover, we gained spiritual pride, serenity and exquisite sensation as a priceless reward for investing our worthy time and positive energy for people who have fate infliction. The activity has made us obliged to work for society and we’ll never refrain doing this fruitful act of kindness.

Lastly, we were able to generate about Rs. 12,675. This might not seem like a hefty amount, but this includes our most invaluable currency as well, our time for others. :)

Credits: Ali Sarwar, Aqsa Arshad, Ali Ahmad, Husnain Basra,Muhammad Salah-ud-Din,Haris Khalid, Muhammad Awais, Abdul Rehman, Muhammad Usman, Azeema Hassan, Hamza Javed, Hamza Jahangir, Aqsa Yousaf, Sana Aslam

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