Khudi and Self Learning

Even a single word Advocate Abdul Sattar Edhi used to make a huge impact on a person; that was the greatest figure in Pakistani philanthropist. Throughout his life, Edhi Sahab set examples for the world to follow through their actions. In fact, more work and less talk remained its principles to the very end.

In his biography, he said his mother would give him 1 paisa for his meals and another to give to a beggar.
 As Benjie could talk about how Edhi sb just started by giving 1 paisa each day to someone in need, and how he initially just started Amal by doing very short workshops with only 3–4 students.Because he inspired the poetry of Allama Iqbal and Abdul sattar Edhi sb. Just start , step by step, and take actions.

MY friends and I start helping few people. Poor people do not have enough clothing, food, education and health care. Being poor means deprived economically, politically and socially. Barely enough opportunities. They have inadequate nutrition, increased risk of disease and do not have access to health care and basic essentials for housing leads to poor performance. We are social worker so it’s not that much difficult to find poor people in over field many times we find that type of people who r not able to full file their basic need in there live and face poverty.

What was the project/goal that you wanted to achieve in your #juststart project?
I want to again start this project which I mention to start helping needy people again. Caring and helping poor and needy people is good deed. The more you give to the poor and needy people, the more you reinforce their addiction. When you give them a chance or opportunity, you will see effective and long-lasting improvements in their lives
 why did you want to achieve this?
I started hardworking and struggle to achieve my works.

What were the challenges that you’ve faced in the past towards achieving this?
 We face many challenges like lack of communication,facilities and sometime availability of people.
 Third paragraph: What was your experience completing these tasks?
 We were are too young and have no experience to do consulting work so we face many complication like our management is not strong. But it was good not that much difficult as we r thinking 
 what were the challenges that you faced?
 I have faced many challenges in my life.the biggest challenge is convincing the donor that their money are in safe hand .
 What did you learn from this experience?

 I learn how to help people, how to do management and how to communicate with needy and poor people.

What are the next steps? 
 I want to make a permanent NGO or organization to help them.

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