Nourishing Hopes :) [Part 01 ]

We are working under the banner of Nourishing Hopes whose objective is to spread love and happiness in the ignored parts of the society which need our time and attention. We are basically promoting love, care and time donation because these are the most valuable things people need in the present era. For the implementation of our idea the circle members brainstormed and came across many ideas which included placing pots containing water and eatable for birds, spending valuable time with Orphans and abandoned kids, sharing smiles with special children and spending time with senior citizens of Old Age home. We want to fulfill each idea and even add more by doing some extra effort. Apart from our excitement and courage to work harder we had to face many challenges because our circle consisted of members from which 2 members belong to Sargodha at a drive of 2 hour from Faisalabad while rest of us are from Faisalabad. All these distances created a communication gap and we are facing difficulty in time management as we have to consider feasibility for everyone to assure maximum participation. To overcome the gap all of us make some time after sessions for productive discussions moreover we are using Skype for finalizing events and tasks. We have created a social media page as well for a long lasting impact and have divided tasks accordingly.

“Our circle consists of 7 members and we are all set to make a bigger difference by small actions”

We with the Advanced Youth Council loved visiting SOS, a home for more than 100 orphans and abandoned children. The moment we entered SOS was filled with blended emotions of love, happiness, sorrow and grief. After visiting this place we realized that most of the children are left to fend for themselves either because the family did not have financial means to take care of them or they just abandoned them.

It was the first time I entered an orphanage and got to see it from the inside this experience I had was just so extraordinary. We bought some gifts for the children of 10th standard which were a sort of appreciation token for them as the result of matric was recently announced and all of them did a great job. The smiles on the faces and the feelings were priceless.

Along with us we took Ludo boards and some snacks to spend some quality time with kids. These children are really talented and we were surprised to see their involvement in the game. It was just a 3 hour activity with the kids but it will definitely last a lifetime in my heart.

Seeing little angels smile and appreciate the happiness of being with us was so heartfelt. I can’t even contain the emotion I had when I saw a little girl who was in her early childhood. The realization was just too in-depth that I can’t even hold my tears back while I am writing this.

Visiting the orphanage is a life changing experience and you start appreciating the little things in life when you see people who are not bestowed with the blessings you have. Only at such times you be grateful for insignificant and immaterial things and appreciate the bigger picture.

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