Nourishing Hopes :) [Part 02 ]

By Muhammad Salah-ud-Din

As a human being, it is our moral duty to contribute our-self in the society. Contributing doesn’t means that you share yourself with your studies, family, friends and spend all your life achieving your goals. There is something more that need our attention and existence. These are the ‘’Hopes of Pakistan’’. The Orphans, who have surrounded by millions of people but still alone. The Disables, who can even do much better in life but no one here to support. The elders, who scarified their whole life for children and now are forced to live in old houses. They all have a proper right on us but no one is willing to share some time with them and due to this, these are the ignored part of our society.

“Our circle consists of 06 members and we are all set to make a bigger difference by small actions”

Team ‘’Nourishing Hopes’’ decided to spend as much as time with all of them and tried to put a smile on their faces. For that, we visited every possible place and gave our maximum time. Believe me, the moments we spent was unforgettable and breathtaking.

01- Nutritional Camp at Zunnorain Foundation:

After visiting SOS, our second visit was at Zunnorain foundation. It is basically a school of disable children. The owner Qurat-ul-Ain is running this school. She hired some teachers also to educate children about basic things like, how to wash your hands, how to brush your teeth and ways of greeting etc. There were about 40 students with different diseases. The purpose of this institute is to educate them, not to do their medical treatment. Our whole group went there along with some volunteers and we did a nutritional camp there. We also brought balloons and some eatables with us to involve the students too. Our basic purpose was nutritional assessment which includes doing weight, height, BMI etc. Along with nutritional assessment, we also gave supplements to them according to their nutritional deficiencies.

To get permission was the first challenge for us. But they easily allowed us. We were told that it will be a bit difficult for you as children are so reluctant towards these things etc. We solved this problem by involving emotionally with them, giving some eatables, by supporting them in movement.

The outcome was really good. At the end of that day, they were so energetic and involved with us. They were happy that someone is giving time to them.

02- Sharing smiles with Eliya Care Homes:

People says, everything is possible if the intentions are true and positive. Finding places was great challenge for us and getting permission for visit was much difficult. But somehow, we got the permission of visit and without wasting any time, we started planning.

Eliya care home is a school where they teach children of different disabilities. So, when children involve, its so important to always keep a smile on their faces and that was the biggest task for us. The management also told us about some children and their aggression so it was so important to make all happy and calm.

we planned some activities to engage them and keep them happy. We brought balloons for them. We brought poster colors for face painting. The best thing that we gave them was smilies and really Nawal and Kainat put a great effort in that. Everyone loved to have pictures with that smile faces. Every moment, we spent their was extremely surprising and amazing. I never had that feeling before. In-fact, we all never hadn’t. The moment when someone smile just because of you , these are the emotions that money can’t buy.

The management welcomed us very warmly and we also discussed about how things going there. Nadia Gillani ‘’Project Manager at Eilya Care Home’’ is really putting her effort to nourish each and every child there. In-fact, she is a mother but she always gives priority to these children. She said,

‘’If God gave them a disability, He surely gave them an extra ability too’’

She was also thankful to us for giving time and sharing happiness. Everyone there enjoyed a lot. Although we were not able to give time as we expected because of school off timing but we were able to created a bond with time. It was really one of the great experience of my life.

03- Quality Time With Old People:

Some days ago, we were able to visit Al-Jannat Old Home with my friends, an Old Home located in Faisalabad. There were 19 residents living together in that home. Our task was to keep the elderly company. So, we gathered them on lunch, and planned to spend some quality time, sharing their life stories and experiences, offering our time, treasures, and talent.

In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect. It was hard to imagine the difference we could make in their lives, since we were just a bunch of strangers giving them a visit. But now, I know not to underestimate a stranger’s capacity to impact another’s life, because the effects can be tenfold.

The most inspiring thing that, in spite of facing so many hardships, these aged people have brave hearts and are still trying to find endless ways to be happy to live.

Life is too short to anticipate things. We frame different outputs without understanding the whole scenario. So, don’t fear about your future. In order to reveal your true strength, embrace the power of the present moment. I realized the importance of effortless love. When we can channelize our love by expressing our feelings in an open manner, words lose their significance.

I saw a very old lady and was fascinated by the wrinkles on her face and hands. While shaking hands, I could feel the bulging veins and rough texture. I asked her a question: Can you sum up your life experiences in few lines? I was completely moved by her response. She told me that she didn’t want to sum up her life because she loved every bit of it. I was speechless by her sweet and short reply. At that moment, the little ups and downs in my life looked like a small wave in front of the ocean of her great wisdom.

While cursing bad moments of our life, we forget to appreciate all the good things which we already have. We blow in the air of negativity to throw out all positive elements from our life.

We learned that the reward of volunteering is a two-way street. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll get back — whether it’s a new outlook or a warm smile.

I have also made a page to serve the humanity named as “Nourishing Hopes”

04- Eatables and Water for Birds:

The weather is warming up nicely here in Pakistan year by year, and chances are that most of us are spending as much time inside as possible. You’ve probably noticed a lot of birds suffering from dehydration and straddling in search of drinking water and shady place, the warmer months are critical for birds.

At any given time there are “at least ten billion birds in North America and there could be as much as 20 billion and almost half die each year due to natural causes.

Same is happen in Pakistan especially in hot summer session, when sources of fresh drinking water reduced and get dried. In this critical situation, we have to realize our responsibility and try to save life as many as possible. At least, we can take steps at our place (homes, parks, offices and university) by putting some water pots at suitable place which is reachable for birds as well as for human to refill.

For this purpose, some of my friends decided to start this noble cause in our universities. So, we buy some water pots along with millet mug and spot it on different shady place reachable for birds as well as for our self. we feel that birds are just waiting for this act and after drinking, they are praying for all of us. That feeling is awesome when someone feel much better because of you.

The major challenge for us is to take care of it as in hot days, water evaporates so quickly and to overcome this problem, we select the places where we have to pass at least two to three times a day and there should be a water source nearby.

It definitely will make a difference in society when this will become a life-long effort. They really need our time and attention. The basic thing is that we were donating our time to them.

Our perception for future regarding this project is really positive. When this project will be life-long, we may become able to improve their health by fulfilling their nutritional deficiencies.

Nothing is more precious in this world than seeing someone smiling because of you. Their emotions of smile were so contagious that they made us to smile too. We will try to make this project life-long, In Sha Allah. With the expansion of our team, such type of activities may increase because:

‘’No one can help everyone but everyone can help someone’’

Kind Regards:

Muhammad Salah-ud-din, , Sabahat Amin, Abdusammad, Kainat Awan, Nawal Haider,Hamza Javed

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