How some IT Company Killing your FUTURE

Hi all,

First of all, i am not a writer or blogger or lifestyle expert so please bare with me.

I am just a 23 year old person who wants to use this Medium to share some thoughts that i have recently realized.

Well maybe i realized it one year back itself but didn’t understood its depth.

Don’t want to prolong it, lets get right to the point that i want to make.

There are lot of Service based IT companies in India and they recruit most of the engineers to their organization, may it be CS, IT or Civil, Electrical engineers. Huge number of engineering colleges and lack of vacancies in core companies forces Civil, Electrical engineers to go for this IT jobs. Well! that is okay, because there is a lot of progress in IT fields and each day some thing new happening in this software industries.

But, the problem lies in the work that are assigned to these engineers. The job they have to do can be done by a person who never ever heard of engineering. All you need is “Left Click”, “Right Click”,”ctrl+c” and “ctrl+v”. Yes. That much simple and you are getting a good salary also.You may say what is the problem in that?

Well when you look into it more deeply you can see how a engineer’s potential is wasted everyday. Most people are working in some technology that has no future. There is nothing more frustrating for someone when he/she has to enter data into excel sheet everyday after completing an engineering course.

You might say why in the first place they take this jobs. Well there are many reasons.

There are lack of job opportunities in India. And after doing engineering (that means spending a lot of money) no one wants to risk their future by not taking the job.
As a student you will feel it as a wonderful place to work because it is shown like that to the students. Even in the training period after entering the company they will force you to learn many useful technologies and these freshers will think that they are going to work on those amazing technologies. But, after training, this becomes a dream and MS-Excel becomes the reality.

Boom! Now those who wanted to work on various technologies like Machine Learning, Big Data, Python, Web Development etc all their life will start realizing this is not where they belong. Most of their potential will slowly decrease because most of them don’t want to take risk by leaving the job. Very few people can successfully change to the right job because there are a lot of work pressure and you won’t be able to find time to prepare for your dream job.

That’s why India is losing lots of talents day by day. You may argue that many Indians are placed in some renowned software companies but, just see the population of India and the number of engineers passed each year. Not we can see the depth of this problem.

So what should we do? Ban these companies? Sue these companies? NO. They are doing their business, they want more assets so they are taking. But, they should clearly tell what kind of work we have to do in future. No disguise of formal shirt, Fluent English and Spectacular presentation before campus recruitment. All we need is a little transparency and let the students decide what they want.