Eat the frog through my Lens !

Eat the Frog is one of the best techniques in order to achieve your goals. I have been following this technique from some time but never knew about this technique as well as never followed it in a formal way.

Amal, an education startup sponsored by the Stanford University, shared this technique with me. So, I will share my experiences of this technique as I personally applied it with more passion and in a formal way this time.

Now, first of all, you all might not believe this but this technique is really helpful to do your tasks. For me, it is really helpful, if followed with a SMART passion and interest because without these 2 things you can’t follow the things properly.

What I did is, that I made to-do lists for the whole week with a reminder alarm at the exact time slots. Whenever the time to work on a specific time arrived, my to-do list helped me to do work on that task and achieve the successful end of it. By following this technique formally for a 1 week, I can strongly say that my productivity increased like about more than 40%, from a weeks ago version of ME to a newly refined version of ME in this week.

Just adding one more tip. We all use smartphones. Why not we all should actually save the tress by not using the paper and actually use tech (mobiles) to make to-do lists in order to achieve our goals ? Looks difficult, but not impossible. I followed the exact same way, if I can, so can you too :)

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