Embracing my Pain and Identifying Purpose of my Life as a result of Pain

What’s life ? It is full of continuous struggle. You will face so many UPs and DOWNs in your life. No matter how much successful you’re, the struggle will always be there in some part of your life.

I was just in my 8th grade when I lost my father. This was the time when I don’t know much about the reality of this world. Father is a person who can play a very important role in teaching his children about the real face of this world but unfortunately he left all of us. My mother took the additional role and acted as a father shadow for me.

I still remember that time, when he left us and I used to cry a lot, alone, and loudly, in places of my home where only I can listen to my cries. That was the moment of my life which still haunts me. It really affected my real life performance as I started to think that I’m nothing than a useless piece of wood now.

But, very soon, I realized that this is just a part of life. Maybe, the God Almighty tested the weakest Talha at the very beginning so that I can handle all the other problems in my life later, much easily.

This is where, I decided that I need to stand up and start acting like a superhero. I decided to counter attack this pain and concentrate on my dreams and interests with passion.

My passion was to start learning something in the field of computer, and so I did. Despite of this pain, which still is there in some small corner of my heart, I continued my passion and now I’m going to graduate as a Software Engineer very soon. I never ever thought that with this pain, and this pain affecting the other important factors of life which are important in survival, will make me able to complete my High School, my College life, soon my University life as well as to enjoy the other moments of my life as the time passes by.

And all the small dots of my life are connecting up to make me successful, as much as I deserve :)

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