My Happiness VS Negative Talha

Happiness is something that can totally change a person and everything around him / her in a positive way. I personally believe that “Good things happens when executed by a positive mindset.”

I was recently watching the TED Talk by Shawn Achor, and he, so beautifully described the concept of happiness and how we can achieve goals through it. Please at-least once, do watch that TED Talk, you will really find it amazing.

Talking about myself, negative thoughts don’t mostly come in my mind because I always try to stay positive but still I’m a human which means I’m vulnerable. So, whenever the negative thoughts gets stuck into my mind, they tend to remain for a quite long time, effecting my productivity a lot.

Just during this week, I faced a drawback related to my small work in FYP, and BOOOOOOM…..this converted into a negative thought and started to find its fix place in my mind. During all this, my productivity started to result in the negative numbers. But, even during this, I was doing an educational learning project by Amal and fortunately I came across with the POSITIVE guidance lectures. From these lectures, 3 steps out of 5 from Amal and 2 steps by Shawn really helped me in getting rid of my Negative thought, sharing them below:-

by Amal:

  • Ploughing the land with “Positive Thinking”
  • Watering the seed: Emotions are contagious
  • Growing: Positive attitude can be learned through gratitude

and by Shawn are:

  • Gratitude
  • Random act of kindness

These are some of the steps which I personally followed and believe me, I turned my Negative thought into a Positive one in no time. These steps really helped me to understand that even if there is something bad, it can be easily tacked by a good and positive way, only if we really want to tackle it.

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