An Appreciation Post of The Existence of My Dad

My dad is bossy.

My dad is grumpy.

My dad has a bad sense of humor.

My dad used to beat and slap his children,including me, until I was 12.

My dad has this darker skin tone than anybody else’s in my family and unfortunately I am the one who got the gene.

My dad was NOT a rich kid back then or I could say that he really had the hard times.

My dad is this.

My dad is that.


He’s still the man who pays my college tuition, my clothes, my food, and even the pen that I used to write this.

He’s still the man who brought smile to my family by just bringing a box of KFC home.

He’s still the man who did not get the chance to be an Indonesian soldier as what he had dreamed to be but hey he’s now here! He’s tougher and richer than all Indonesian soldiers. He’s tough and rich in his life experiences.

He’s still the man whom I barely personally talk to. I didn’t even know what position he was in until I found it by myself on Google. He didn’t know what major I’m taking and I had to tell him for 1000 times. I’m pretty sure he made a little research about my major because later we talked about the Indonesia demographic bonus and its implications. We also talked about Indonesia mass transportation and we compared to other countries’ that we had been to.

He’s still the man who keeps telling me that education is numero uno. He always encourages me to study abroad. With my future spouse. Amen to that.

He’s still the man who drives 150ish km from Semanggi to Antapani every weekend for the sake of his family. And of course, including me!

He’s still the man whom I need from the day I was still in my mother’s womb, the day my mother gave birth to me, the day I had my first friend, the day I cried a lot because I had no friends in the first days of high school, the day I got accepted as an ITB student, until the day people bury my body under my gravestone.

He’s the one and only man whom I call dad.

And I am certainly proud of him.