Its the COST of services that are the problem, this girl in the example is very much the EXCEPTION…
Marlene Augst

I believe in health care for everyone. And I know that the current Medicare/Medicaid system is being massively plundered by health care providers.

Part of the problem is that those insured by entitlement plans have no stake in the game. If they ring up a $100k bill it’s often seen as a validation of their worth rather than a pain point. It’s not just the indigent. I see it every day with octogenarians and nonagenarians in the system who are costing taxpayers $85–200k per year. They’re proud when the government shells out big bucks to sustain their existence.

Rather than patients, the system views publicly insured people as revenue streams that directly connect to public coffers. I can provide hundreds of examples.

I’m by no means a Trump fan. He is, however, telling the truth when he says we are headed for economic disaster with the ACA. Healthcare as a percentage of GDP has risen from 1980’s 8.5% to 2015’s 17.8%. It’s bound to hit 20% by 2022. From where is that extra funding going to come?

Healthcare costs are already decimating disposable income and an abysmally low household savings rate. It’s just not sustainable.

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