Lovers are trees reaching for the same light

Lemonade by Beyonce

The Beyonce documentary video Lemonade is about so much more than the story, fictional or real, around herself and her husband. It illustrates the emptiness and futility of chasing after external or superficial beauty and material success. It doesn’t matter how fine a woman is or how nice an ass she has, her man will become bored and dissatisfied if she doesn’t feed him emotionally. Conversely, it doesn’t matter how materially successful a man is, his woman will become bored and dissatisfied if she is not emotionally fed. Once boredom and/or dissatisfaction set in, the human begins to look for tangible flaws to point to in an attempt to justify that boredom or dissatisfaction.

The individual’s focus on his or her material success or superficial beauty which he or she thinks will hold or attract another mate is ironically what ultimately pushes the other away. During the course of the video Beyonce utters, “Lovers are trees reaching for the same light.” We ultimately all need the same thing — affirmation and the ability/freedom to grow.

What is true for us in our romantic relationships is true at the communal level and the deterioration of the former is the first step in the collapse of the latter. The individual’s desire for material success and wealth above all other concerns takes him or her out of relationship with his/her lover and can also take him or her out of relationship with his/her community if that individual gain is done at the expense of other individuals.

Conversely, the individual’s desire for superficial beauty above all other concerns will also remove him/herself from meaningful community as in chasing after this kind of beauty one ultimately warps oneself into another’s concept of beauty. And because we all want to be truly affirmed and accepted this desire and state of being is ultimately rejected by our true inner self (spirit) — fakeness or the imposter self can never be accepted or affirmed by our true self (spirit); it only be consumed by others. If we equate fakeness with emptiness, the consequence is that those who consume it (emptiness) are left in a constant state of starvation and malnutrition.

The two desires (superficial beauty and material success) often go hand in glove and are not mutually exclusive to men or women. The individual that chases either or both of these goals does so with the belief that she or he will be valued and therefore accepted by others but this will never happen because the real self (of individuals) can never accept an imposter self. And again the very thing(s) the individual believes will bring him or her acceptance will in fact bring him or her rejection.