Is medium a place for long-form link blogging?

Zen habits is great. This post about not judging is especially great.

Basically trust that with the information you have, you’re doing the best job to which you’re aware, and other people are doing the same. Have empathy.

My personal crusade: Don’t assume that people you read about in the news are idiots. Assume that you don’t have the whole story and that even if you did, you’d feel bad for their circumstance instead of being judgey.

Don’t judge the poor for being lazy. Don’t judge the rich for being snobby. Don’t judge your neighbor for not watering their lawn. (please? For my sake? Because my lawn looks horrible.) Don’t judge the “fatty” buying a ton of food at McDonalds. Don’t judge the racist for being ignorant (you could be as ignorant as them if you grew up in their circumstance). Don’t judge the other side of the political aisle, because you grew up a certain way, and you can’t believe how stupid x is for doing y. Don’t judge person from country x because country x is taking all our jobs / harboring terrorists / whatever you’re told this week.

I guess just try not to judge. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Assume we’re all human, and we’re all trying the best we can.

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