Probably the weirdest dream I can remember having.

Plot points- I hadn’t been arrested nor had I talked to the police. Apparently “I” had beat someone up so badly that they had died. The man, whose name wasn’t ever said, was apparently an incendary preacher type guy who was at the Utah State Capitol, and he was dressed in klan apparel, and was being extremely racist, bigoted and just a jerk. And apparently “me” and a guy who I knew from church (Tom Smith, which is really unimportant) went to the parking garage of the capitol (does the state capitol have one??) and just beat this guy up so bad with weapons and stuff that he was unrecognizable, and eventually he died.

So the weird part of the dream was that I couldn’t remember doing this, at all, and the reason why I couldn’t remember was because I didn’t actually do it… but my clone did. Apparently I ate some oreos that produced a clone, and I had sent my clone to run errands (it’s really unclear why I had created a clone, but I knew that my clone existed on purpose, and I had intentionally created a temporary clone of myself on a saturday afternoon.) The thing I remember was I was at home on a saturday doing things at my house. So because I thought I might have some sort of tight alibi, either like online shopping records, or some sort of computer-based alibi, I thought, that might help me get out of trouble. I also remember thinking “It’s possible for me to both have killed that guy and not have done anything at the same time.”

I also remember feeling kind of proud that if I was going to beat someone up who potentially deserved it, that “I” did it well enough that he died. Which is kind of monsterous. I also remember before I went into the grocery store, lecturing someone on having empathy, which is a thing I might do in real life.

I remember my wife being supportive of me… and that the technology for cloning was new enough that everyone kinda knew about it, but most people had never tried it. (Maybe like VR is now) But apparently there were oreos they sold at the grocery store that could make you a clone, so presumably it was accessible technology, and that, in typical randall fashion, I was an early adopter.

I also remember that it raised some weird questions legally, because i had chosen to activate my clone, but I didn’t beat that guy up, it was my clone, but I also remember feeling that while it did seem abnormal for me to have beat someone up, that I could actually follow the line of reasoning and that it did sound like something I might have done, given the racism and bigotry this person was spewing, and apparently the guy was just super disrespectful, and that given all those facts, I could imagine it setting me off. (The quote I remember was “I just can’t handle the Klan… it would have set me off.” I remember some black people overhearing that and thinking it was weird, and I remember explaining myself to them, still in a supermarket, where I had previously explained the oreos to Tanya Vea, my old boss from KSL, because apparently it was newsworthy enough to have been covered by local TV news, and Tanya was worried for me.)

So where does the responsibility lie? So if there were conflicting alibis, how would a jury sort that out? And how responsible would I actually be? I remember talking to my Bishop about the situation, and he was empathetic for me, not judgemental. He was trying to sort it out, but didn’t think I was a monster, since I hadn’t actually done anything, it was my clone that did all the bad stuff.

It was a super weird dream that I thought I should write down, because it seems like it could be really good source material for a short story. Maybe I’d write it, maybe someone else should, but anyway, now it’s saved. The details now are starting to fade from my head. But maybe when I go back to sleep I’ll have another weird dream.