The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment
Anne Victoria Clark

Hmm.. Women and men are not the same and they are not just one of the boys either like Duane.. They are equal in God's eyes and that of the law but with unique differences too.

I am the boss to more than 100 people and most are women, many are young attractive women, professionals, and there is nothing wrong with that. I applaud their success and appreciate their contributions.

A group meeting for dinner, picnic etc. to celebrate no problem.

A one on one meeting at the office (during business hours) to give suggestions, help with a project, or to answer questions…no problem.

Dinner out one on one as a married man.. That is a problem now and was when I was single. Especially with today’s sexual predator issues and those who would claim anything to get their way, intimidate the boss or whatever.

Oh, and it’s not just Harvey that has issues. I have had those colleagues reach inside my pants faster than I could shake hands and with no invitation, (in a hallway of all places)come on, or justification. I ran from that encounter. Have had several others over a dinner mention sex (first dinner encounter) and it goes on from there.. Women are in my world as aggressive as men are rumored to be. If a 20 something dresses provocatively (meaning I can see her nipples when she leans towards me), is flirtatious, touchy, and forward I doubt it is because of my good looks at 54 and with a paunch.. She wants something outside of the standard boss employee relationship.

Single and dating no problem but we aren’t talking about that here are we?

So in short I would never advocate the dinner alone, drinks alone, or anything else alone outside of the office ( why would you need to?) if you are are the boss (man or woman..) Why flirt with a potential disaster? Liberals on both sides like to say “oh there is nothing wrong with it.” But in reality if you don’t play with fire you will likely never get burnt..

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