Are You Mormon Fragile?
J.A. Carter-Winward

So while there are some good points here, some very good points especially about the friend Christine.. The author seems to be as judgmental as those she decries.

People are friends with those they associate with. If you have little associations outside of your religious affiliations then so be it. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you are kind a the kind of person that Christ would have you be.

Allowing your faith to “breathe” is kind of insulting actually. I watch R rated movies, use fowl language occasionally read things that are not uplifting and I am the better for none of it.

My faith embraces people of all religions and a constant desire to be a better person and put some of my weaknesses behind me as I strive to be more Christlike. Many if not most of my friends are not LDS but that is probably because I associate with many different business and social groups.

There is nothing wrong with having solely LDS culture art if that is what floats your boat. It is after all… your home, your art. I have very little, maybe one piece in my home that is LDS but it is my favorite piece.

When someone leaves the church and feels bad then going back would definitely be an option.. We shouldn’t encourage them to stay away now should we? I think that the first time I told a specific lie I was uneasy.. The second time a little easier and then more effortless as time went on. I like to think that I have learned better. If you leave the church and don’t feel good about it don’t do it!

I have been both less and more active in my life. God allows that. I can say after studying every religion I could get my hands on that Momonism is not perfect but seems to make the most sense..for me.

Every church I have attended Mormon, Baptist, Catholic etc. has the same issues with inclusiveness and a desire to bring people back to the fold. That isn’t a Mormon thing..

What does seem unique to the LDS faith are all those who seem to attack it, try and point out its shortcomings (or that of its members), justify their withdrawal from or outright leaving the church. And then all the Facebook posts, articles, and soap box podiums where they decry the perceived problems with LDS people and the way they live their lives to anyone and everyone that will listen. Some make a living out of it..;)

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