there’s no glory in overworking —
Mianya Ong

Life is certainly about more then working and paying bills. It’s great you worked hard and put in the 90 hour work weeks. It’s great that you achieved clarity before throwing yourself out of a 40th floor building because you couldn’t take it anymore.

What is the point to all the work if you never have time to enjoy life? Like you said your self “just another rat in the rat race”. I’m sure if and when you go back to work (hopefully you don’t have to) and you are working a 40 hour week as compared to 90, it will feel so easy. However even that 40 hour a week job can become a ball and chain that can wear you down and suck away your happiness and will to live.

You were raised with discipline which is what so many other people your age lack. I don’t know your age but can safely assume you are still young? I see “Twixters” all the time still in their mid to late 20’s still living with mommy and daddy and they don’t earn much respect. They haven’t left the nest yet and they are still holding on to mommy's apron.

You left the nest, you put in the time, you earned the respect from the most important person of all….yourself. Now your next step in life will be to find balance. Unless you became a millionaire in your last job then eventually you will end up going back to work. Find or CREATE that job for you that will give you command over your schedule.

Do you require yourself to be rich or would you rather be comfortable and free? Make things work for you. Maximize your worth for your time so you spend less time working and more time being comfortable. Those 90 hour weeks you put in hopefully paid off and now you should have resources at your disposal to live comfortably without being a rat blindly running along with the pack.

My very best to you