Trump Jr May Have Violated Election Law At His Trump Tower Meeting With Russians
Remy Anne

Remy you need to get a life. I would suggest traveling the world and not just the fancy tourist countries but rather some of the 3rd world nations on the globe. Go visit the s**tholes that are out there (Chances are you wouldn’t even survive the trip) and then come back to America with a fresh perspective and appreciation for what this country makes available to you.

Don’t you have better things to do then to just sling mud? You can be happy if you allow yourself to be happy and focusing on politics is a one way ticket to unhappiness. Let Trump do his job. You may not understand it but this country needs a president like him. This country needs a president with a backbone.

I didn’t read your 9 min article. I have better things to do with my life then get caught up with the negativity. Instead I took a few minutes to share this message with you and I hope you receive it. There is a great big wonderful life out there for you. Go live it and stop being a entitled little trouble maker.

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