Oh, so we have to approve of homosexual behavior because “they’re born that way”?
Larry Brown

Christ how the hell old are you Homosexuality was removed from the GD lust back in 1973 it seems if your going to put your two cents in you’d at least have the decency to not insult us with your ignorance on the subject! But since you want to play I can do that too! But mine will be based of facts actual studies unlike yours!

The University of Rome has concluded in their study that HOMOPHOBES suffer from a personality disorder called PSYCHOTICISM in it YOU will exhibit Fear,Anger,Aggression,Hostility, and Latent Homosexual Tendencies!

The University of Sanford has concluded that HOMOPHOBES suffer from Sexual Performance Anxiety due to inability to achieve sexual gratification and the lack of ability to participate in sexual fantasy!

The University of Maryland has a study they released too. If you need to know more on the reason your so screwed up!

The God of the Bible is Jewish and NOWHERE is it written he converted! He even gave you the Ten Commandments his most important LAWS including the one to have no other Gods! What faith is your God? Now in those Commandments NOWHERE is Homosexuality written or even hinted at! So a RATIONAL LOGICAL mind can conclude that having another God IS the GREATER SIN! If you don’t like that take it up with GOD he wrote it it’s his word not mine!

There is an Old Saying if your going to play with a loaded gun make sure it’s empty in this case you didn’t check before you shot off! You and people like you are the very reason I will never step foot in a church I prefer people with at least a basic degree of intelligence ! Go back to your church where other CRETINS congregate!

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