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First put down your crack pipe! If you want to talk about sin and which one is greater I have one for you and I GD dare you to prove me wrong! I will use ONLY the Bible as proof of what I’m about to tell you and I expect a reply from you proving me wrong!

In the beginning God is Jewish and NOWHERE is it written in the Bible that he converted! Prove me wrong! That Jewish God wrote the Ten Commandments (his Golden Rules) including the one to have no other Gods (yes it’s in the commandments)! So what faith is your God? Now a reasonable mind can conclude that those Ten Golden Rules are Gods most important LAWS but the strange thing is I have read them and reread them and I could not find Homosexuality list in them anywhere! So we can conclude that because no other Gods is listed there I IS THE GREATER SIN to have one! When you point to others as sinners you better look at yourself because your are worse that any Homosexual will ever be in the eyes of God!

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