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Isn’t it funny how they use the argument that Same Sex Unions would lead to incestuous relationships? I will remind the church that in the beginning there were Adam and Eve and no mention of any other humans! Who did Adam and Eves children mate with there is no mention of any homosexuals so what lead to Adam and Eves children to mate with each other,or their parents? Then we skip ahead to Noah and his children and grandchildren who did they mate with again no mention of homosexuals! It’s apparent that homosexuals aren’t needed for incestuous relationships! It’s extremely odd that when ever something about sex comes up in the church that homosexuality is the first thing they turn to for blame or reason to condone pedophilia in the church! Well boys here is the truth it’s your bag and your problem now grow the hell up with it and deal with it! It’s just another unworthy religion full of hate and BS! May God DAMN them all!

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