All Christians must keep up this fight.
Richard Jarzynka

Richard you know that is why I get on ever site I can that has anything to do with Christianity! I have tried to warn them that the God of the Bible is Jewish and NOWHERE is it written that he converted! Why he even went so far as to warn people in the Ten Commandments (his Golden Rules/Laws) to have no other Gods! Can you believe they won’t accept Gods word or his law to have no other Gods? It lacks reason and makes me question the mental stability of Christians when it’s right there in black and White for them to read, but I guess there is only so much you can do with challenged people poor things! I just hope God has mercy on them when they meet the Jewish God the ones I worry about the most are the children being indoctrinated in to that cult! Perhaps one day we will have a law to protect Christians we really need one this delusional thinking is way out of control!

So bud the next time you want to talk of sin look no further than your mirror!

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