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This is the man that was arrested for being in a cruising park in south Miami when he was younger. That’s right folks Alice Wainright park in south Miami. It was known for gay men and drugs so take your pick.

The other thing is this. He likes to say what is and isn’t a sin well in the Bible’s Old Testament God is Jewish and NOWHERE is it written that he converted to Christianity. Now that God wrote the Ten Commandments (Gods Golden Laws) including “thou shall have no Gods before me” isn’t it strange how that made Gods top ten list, but Homosexuality did not! It’s obvious that having other Gods is a bigger deal than homosexuality is, or God would have put it on the list. Perhaps those that think not actually think they are smarter than God! It’s all right there in Black and white for anyone to read. My guess is that most of these objectors haven’t read that part of the Bible, or they have a serious reading comprehension problem!