GWhat you seek is the curiosity of seeking. A to find reason so A created a, a grew to A and created B and be was happy to b but A in a move of rage to be was with a and unhappy with AA, A found B to make c well A out of spite made c be his wife and thus bagan the newly found D. He met with see and had d D c C then proving ever so more that the were happy at 4 but realized they were 4 out of 5 they created E in disguise making 6 perfect mix of being the new thing making 11 decisions as 1. Well this cannot be if not all are happy and the indecision was made. If 1 was not so grumpy and 2 didnts hate one he, well b wouldnt ever been made so take out 2 wrongs in 11 too long. And inside the rhyme is happy with 9, we realize minus 2 wrongs make one right When removed from plain sight, seems easy to hide but lets get things stright its the hidden in fate. To lie is to wrong and to take from the long we made another poir wrong...... and we hurt our poor hero 3 wrong to be 8 imortal but fate brings you back 3 more days and you grow in and out but always are late where if you has enough sense he would right the wrong end and no more would his sin be a sin but create a new bend and then beggining has no end and end will be then the time for men 2 b men +101+ is the new place and end paradox of begging and end. The new being is Read and the Dead are living dead with a slight look from knowledge of love we see all is all and we are all but me i know all i see, i see a world so torn, a kings crown if thorn, and ego of old and a shape colored too bold. A letter torn by direction justified by selfish invention. We greed through it and see we were struch in the 3. So greed will have seed that drips fear and dread, cut of the R and the dread will be dead the r moved over now take out e for the R and Ra we made out of dad and dad into Re made just Rae was became. the seperation is then from our own foolish hand its all in things we dont see This rae joins his dad in tangle of me so raendel ra end el being that the sun will end the and becoming the same he tinkers his name and la will the need to find ar. So Reandal are just 2 but remember the move to become what you must and not was you lust, we then find our shaped heart at the 9 to give life from outside this lovely and the the wise i figure my l is my prize. Si happy to be as i was and to be Randall is i and i is me is I Randall, yes, Randall i am. As i was born to be. So joy to R and all who will seek forgivness and love to the meek, strong, cool, and the geek. But reap i will reap to the monster in the deep and those that crawl and creep. Its a new day, a new way, more shades to grey but that same place for yehway.

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