Cheeto Collectors Auction Celebrity Cheetos for Charity

Cheetos Collectors Joel Jerome and his son Redd are placing 50 of their most prized Cheetos up for auction on E bay to raise money and bring attention to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

This strange auction includes Cheetos that resemble famous people such as Abe Lincoln, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Jesus, Kim Kardashian, E.T.,The Virgin Mary, Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, and Pres. Obama, just to name a few. Some of these cheetos are over 20 years old, and each cheeto comes in its own Cheeto case, and with a unique original framed print of that cheeto.

JoeI is a self proclaimed Cheetologist and president of the CCA (Cheeto Collectors Association), he started collecting cheetos over 25 years ago as a kid and passed his love for Cheetos to his 8 year old son Redd. They’ve evan turned their passion for cheetos into an artform Cheeto Art (pictures of Cheetos using the backgrounds to bring the Cheetos to life), and co-wrote two books “Life is Like a Bag of Cheetos” and “The Cheeto Cookbook” (both Available on Indiegogo later this month.) Joel admits that he gets emotional when he thinks about parting with the prized cheetos, but understands its for a bigger purpose. “We just want to do our small part to help the people of Nepal start putting their lives back together and bring attention to their struggle, while using our Cheetos for good. Plus my wife really wants us to get rid of these Cheetos.”

We are hoping Cheeto Manufacturer Frito Lay will match the contribution raised for this noble cause.

To Bid on the Cheeto collection go to


Joel Jerome


Chicago, Illinois

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