31 Days of Shocktober Drabbles: All Hallow’s Eve

Randee Dawn
Oct 31 · 1 min read
Photo by Randee Dawn

Midnight chimed and the portals flickered, preparing to close.

Swarming creatures fair and foul slipped through, journeying home. Their horrors were complete, spun into tales of earworms, enormous insects, frolicking snakes, creeping graveyards. They’d ended the world and let their cats steal your pet — though they deposited a replacement in the pool.

They’d lured a masked child into forever country, filled a haunted house with memories, offered spells to defiant little girls. They ensured your true love’s amnesia and closed Ultra-Spooky Sound Effects’ gates. Their unionized lawn decorations have fallen silent, secrets covered in earth.

At least … until next year.

Day 31 of 31: 100-word Drabbles. We’re done here!

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Randee Dawn

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Writer. Journalist. Author. Traveler. Your witness. randeedawn.com

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