31 Days of Shocktober Drabbles: Earworm

Randee Dawn
Oct 10 · 1 min read
Guest for lunch in Costa Rica (Photo by Randee Dawn)

Plumbing Amanda’s ear canal with the tweezers for the 22nd time, I finally latched on to something. Tugging gently, I removed a squirming, gray creature. It writhed between the pincers as if dancing.

She rested a hand over the inflamed, bloody cartilage. “Jesus,” she gasped. “Eight days of ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ I was gonna kill myself, Steve.”

I wasn’t paying attention. The two-inch grub was making a ululating whine. My skull throbbed. It wasn’t just dancing. It was…singing.

Singing what?

I brought it up to my ear to listen.

And now I know. Now I’ll always know.

Day 10 of 31: 100-word Drabbles.

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