31 Days of Shocktober Drabbles: Heart of Darkness

Randee Dawn
Oct 13 · 1 min read
Photo by Randee Dawn

The river eased along its muddy shoreline, slow and lazy as the gaze of a cottonmouth. Surprise October heat lingered as the last vestiges of hazy sun caught the leaves — yellow as rancid butter, coppery as fresh blood.

A caught-breath moment in stark contrast to the chaos upstream, untouched by the explosions, the heat, the radiation.

Blackflies, horseflies and wasps massed, their buzz echoing over the water.

Just then, the first corpse floated into view — eyeless, ashy, smoking, a red baseball cap melted on its head. It was the first of many.

The insects swooped in for their greatest meal.

Day 13 of 31: 100-word Drabbles.

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Randee Dawn

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