31 Days of Shocktober Drabbles: Main Course

Randee Dawn
Oct 7 · 1 min read
Wolves at the Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia, NJ (Photo by Randee Dawn)

My cape of wolf fur covered me as I ventured into the 172nd Cockaigne Potluck, and I gripped my basket.

The invitation was for Mssr. Cain Lupus, III. “He won’t be needing it,” Grandma had said. “Take care of business.”

The table groaned with Queen Grimhlilde’s Roasted Heart of Virgin Rival, the Hecate Coven’s Enchanted Stew; Giant Vix’s Bone Rye Bread. I added my contribution to the smorgasbord, Strip of Riding Hood, then slipped away.

Grandma had suggested a sword, or a gun. But I’m partial to subtler arts.

Arsenic-soaked wolf jerky should take care of everyone, in the end.

Day 7 of 31: 100-word Drabbles.

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Randee Dawn

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