31 Days of Shocktober Drabbles: The Candy Mob Can

Randee Dawn
Oct 20 · 1 min read
Photo by Randee Dawn

Furious cries filled the darkened streets. Outside our window, three costumed figures stumbled into view. One vomited into my bushes.

I knew him. That punk had pulled a knife on me at my front door last year, demanding, “Gimme everything.

The mob arrived: Smaller. Costumed. Waving knives, pitchforks, swords. They surrounded the older kids, feral gazes on their painted faces.

“Run,” said a kid with a flaming torch.

“Can’t –” gasped one punk. “You made us eat — everything.”

“Then you better run fast.”

The teens bolted. The mob pursued.

“Honey,” I called back to Robert. “They found the candy thieves.”

Day 20 of 31: 100-word Drabbles

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