My life with the iPad Pro.
Terry Stagg

It’s a very potent device, as right now I’m in a office with my iPad Pro and my MBP has taken a 3 month vacation since I have used it. I am even doing programming on it with text editor options etc, it’s quite amazing how the concept of a computer is indeed changing. The iPad Pro has been my #1 used tech device since I bought it, always a way to do something you previously did but just with the convenience of one machine. I also use it for my music creation with going into my Tidal app checking out new content creation in Garage Band etc. For office documents I totally use iWork software suite and convert when I need to office files, and for signing documents and notes I use Notability and Evernote which is just a win win totally synchronized with my phone and other devices. The iPad Pro has been an amazing device, I did the Apple Keyboard because it gives me the thinnest profile.

All of my collages have also switched and it’s changed the game in terms of what was capable of being done on a iPad and it’s just a more intuitive device.

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