Number of followers is a crap metric.

And yet, as I’ve been watching and learning from folks who do content marketing, PR-focused outreach, social media marketing, and influencer campaigns, I’ve found that more than 90% of the time… that’s *exactly* what people use. They’ll nod their heads and say “yeah, I know it can be gamed,” or “yeah, some people still buy followers,” or “yeah, but what else is out there?”

So… darn… frustrating.

Here’s an example: my wife Geraldine runs the Twitter account @everywhereist. She has a respectable 72,517 followers. I run the Twitter account @randfish, which has 413,696 followers. From those numbers, you might assume that an average tweet sent from @randfish reaches ~5.17X …

Our new company, SparkToro, LLC has just completed a $1.3mm angel financing. And, because we think our structure might be right for many other businesses, we’re making our documents open-source for anyone to use.

The Story

SparkToro is, obviously, a product of my and my cofounder, Casey‘s, experiences in the mostly venture-backed worlds of software startups. The last company I founded and ran, Moz, raised $29.1 million. Casey spent time at Hubspot, Moz, Ookla, and Wistia, half of those raised large institutional capital and half didn’t.

Despite some great experiences with people in the venture world — entrepreneurs and investors — venture capital isn’t a match for us this time. …

Written by Aaron Allston, published by Wizards of the Coast 1991

(Including a story about Dungeons & Dragons)

Recently, I had a series of epiphanies about my experiences as a founder. Please forgive the length of the post, and stick with me, I’ll do my best to make the journey worthwhile.

I was eleven years old, maybe twelve, and my family lived way out in the middle of nowhere, in unincorporated King County. …

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