Following the acquisition of my previous startup Snips, I am now moving on to new projects. Here are the things I will focus on, as an entrepreneur and investor.

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There is a big gap today in Europe where very few people make bets on technologies that might take 10 years to mature, whether due to technology readiness, government regulation or market adoption. But cracking some of these could mean solving some of the biggest challenges we face today. Here are my personal bets for the next decade.

Homomorphic Encryption

It’s no secret I have been a big privacy advocate for close to a decade now. I remember back then, people thought privacy was a nice-to-have or worse, a hindrance. Now, everyone considers it a priority, but nobody has figured out how to deal with it yet. …

Today, we are announcing that Snips will become part of Sonos! We are tremendously excited about this opportunity to bring a more immersive and differentiated voice experience for Sonos customers around the world.

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Snips was founded with a simple vision: that artificial intelligence could change the way humans and machines interact, without compromising privacy. …

We‘re shutting down the Snips AIR Token Sale and refunding all our buyers. Here’s what we learned in the process.

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Let’s get straight to the point: we failed our ICO. Despite receiving significant contributions, we did not hit our target. This might seem like a step back in our vision, but in fact, it’s just part of the game of building an ambitious startup.

There are many resources online about the importance of experimentation and failure, and most CEOs will have some personal story about a time when they failed. …


Rand Hindi

#AI and #Privacy entrepreneur working on Making Technology Disappear. CEO @ Zama.ai. Previously CEO @ Snips.ai (acquired by Sonos).

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