Five Travel Rules You Should Always Break
Eric Weiner

Nice travel tips, buddy. I especially agree with rule 1,2, 3 and 5. I have traveled to some boring (people say) and unpopular places in Indonesia, they in fact offered me different things (non-mainstream like beaches, beautiful landscapes people can reach at hands), instead they had these beautiful and fascinating cultures and traditions I can learn a lot from, such as their way of living, their beliefs, food, etc.

I have never really done any background reading related to the places I am going to visit, unless about the sites like how to get there, the cost and what the place has to offer. I don’t want to fill my head with preconceived notions that sometimes create negativity and over-curiosity. When I traveled in the Philippines, I had very little prior knowledge about the country and its people and I was pleased by the fact that they were very friendly and their food is very nice. One day I confirmed my experience with some online resources written by other travelers from my country, I was surprised to know that they found the Philippines very unpleasant destination, so forth.

It is good not to know something or too much of information because I believe that one of the goals of traveling is to find out something new, something you never know and see before.I also find getting lost somewhere during my travel as an invaluable lesson as it opens up my way to meet people and learn about their lives.