DNS failover feature in Route53 is very useful during an outage of your application, as it’s automatically routes traffic to alternate locations where your application is operating properly.

Failover configuration can be either active-passive or active-active, if not you can also consider to go for a even more complex setup…

With the recent announcement of its worldwide support to send SMS, now we can deliver both transactional and promotional text messages to carriers in Sri Lanka — a much awaited feature in SNS. (earlier it was a US-based phone numbers only feature in SNS)

Along with this expansion, SNS has…

In general a web application consists of 2 types of assets — Static & Dynamic. Static assets doesn’t change very often — logos, banner images, javascripts, stylesheets and other rich media contents such as audio, video can be considered as static assets. …

Randika Rathugamage

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