Building Products that evolves over time

From the childhood, my dream was to become an inventor. And now I’m 26 for last July. I know I’ve not invented any revolutionary products yet, like Steve Wozniak and Jobs or like Mark Zuckerberg or Lary Page and Sergey Brin, have done. But, as a software engineer the products and services I would have come to develop and contribute I think, I’ve achieved my dream of becoming an inventor in a way.

So as software engineers we all have one true measurement of satisfaction, and also which makes us inventors and more like innovators. That is how farther our products which we build will be there in the industry or in the field of use by the end users. Not only that, if we could see the products and services we build, evolve over the time, aligning with the customer/end user requirements and they being very useful to them, then that is the highest satisfaction we can achieve.

I felt the same bliss about one of the products I’ve built last year around this time. I had been working for 20+ months from home. And this is the last week of that home based freelancing as I’m joining to a new company from next November. So last year my first freelance client which reached me through the Fiverr, asked me to create a Search Interface for his ElasticSearch server. At that time I didn’t know anything about ElasticSearch. So that was quiet a challenge. And when I googled around, Searching interfaces for E.S. had been done mostly using AngularJS and Bootstrap. But the client also reached me asking,

Can you do this using jQuery and JS?

I analyzed his requirements and understood how I could I do it, if I’m using jQuery. Within 2–3 weeks of time I built it using jQuery, JS, AJAX, JSON and Twitter Bootstrap. And in the beginning of this year and now in this October that client came to me for some modifications. But out of that, that tool has been used by him and his company’s Analytics Team for everyday in the past year. And recently as per customer requirements I implemented a cool nice feature of keeping search history path, where each search query get into the breadcrumbs up to first 10 searches, and whenever the user clicks on a breadcrumb it perform that search once again clearing out the nearest searches.

And one thing to complete this write up. Whenever I engineer the things I build whatever it is, coded software or Arduino projects may be, concerning about product Quality, Maintainability and Doing it RIght the First Time (DRIFT), in and out, is hugely favorable to your side as a Creator, Inventor, Innovator and an Engineer!

Kudos to all the Change Makers!