Solving Twitter Dogpiles

I don’t really expect Twitter to take any action on the list that I gave them — at least, not anytime soon. And I like using tools in ways that are unexpected. Today, I’m going to talk about making Twitter better by filtering types of content with Adblock.

I’m not a web dev, so while there are probably better ways of doing this, I just use Adblock. Any ad blocking program that allows you to add custom filters should work, though. For an explanation of how to add custom filters, check out this previous post about hiding blocked users from search.

I would not recommend leaving these filters on all the time, but it could be incredibly useful if some shitlord is directing his mob of shitbags to flood your notifications.

Step 1: Remove mentions that are not direct replies.

This is not a setting you ever want to leave on. Any tweet that has your name but isn’t a direct reply to one of your tweets will be hidden.

domain of page to apply on:
CSS to match: li[data-component-context=”mention_activity”]

Step 2: Remove mentions from people that don’t follow you.

Unless you’re regularly getting a lot of garbage in your mentions, this probably also isn’t something you want to leave on.

domain of page to apply on:
CSS to match: div[data-follows-you=”false”]

Step 3: Hide tweets that include a specific username

This is great if you know the username of the person that’s incited the dogpile, or if you just don’t ever want to see tweets from people responding to Milo Yiannopoulos ever again. Note that in adblock this is case sensitive. Change the username to whatever you like, obviously. I just believe in providing reasonable default examples. ;)

domain of page to apply on:
CSS to match: div[data-mentions*=”Nero”]

You’re welcome, Twitter.

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