Thankful for overcoming that Mountain

The other day my sister texted me and stated, “Name 3 things you are thankful for today.” Well that was easy the first day. As the days go on it gets a little bit harder. You have to really think about what you are thankful for.

I sometimes get overwhelmed with life, my problems, my husband, my daughter’s struggles of a teenage life. It can be overwhelming, I want to just sit down and give up. What could I possibly be thankful for at this point?

Well I am thankful for life, my health, my children, my family-of course my husband. Those are all easy. What happens when difficult times come? I tend to forget all the things that I am thankful for. I’m frustrated that my scars aren’t being of help to anyone in a broader copacity. The car has broken down and the bills are coming. Aaahhhhh…. I want to yell.

We can get bogged down with the heaviness of life’s every day struggles, sometimes even to the point of depression. You know that negative energy that tends to bring you down and stay with you the whole day through. The days turns into weeks. You find yourself in a negative, deep hole needing to breathe. I have been in that deep hole-a black hole.

Life can be draining, zapping us of all our strength. It’s at those times that I find myself having a little talk with God. Then He begins to show me that there are people out there in dire need. Me, I’m blessed with so many things, especially my soon to be granddaugther!! I can’t wait! My family and my successful business are other things I am thankful for. But most of all I know Jesus, He is my Savior, my Comforter, my Best Friend, my Father, my Healer and my Provider. Nothing can take that place in my heart.

Yet even though we have Jesus, we can still get buried down, seeing no blue sky in the forecast. How do we get back up? How do we fight that battle of upward climbing? Climbing up a mountain is difficult, I have, in the literal sense, climbed a mountain-a few actually. One here in Arkansas is straight up in some places. I love the climb; it’s so invigorating. There’s a sense of pride in the climb, overcoming the mountain. Defeat is not in our vocabulary! You keep pushing yourself to conqueor that giant. Then you are at the top and here goes your Rocky dance!! :)

When we are faced with our giants, we must remember to dig our heels in and overcome that giant with our sling shot and rocks!! We can do it with Jesus helping us all the way. He is right beside us giving us that overcoming the mountain speech. “You can do it,” He says!! “You can do it and if not I’ll carry you!!” Jesus is what I am most thankful for everyday….