My name is Grant Anderson. Whenever I test myself to see if I can type fast on the keyboard, I always practice that one sentence. That sentence is one of the few that I could probably type with my eyes closed. I figure that’s a good way to launch my blog. Too many people just say hello and get all cheesy with an introduction, but my name is Grant Anderson is on Faulkner’s level. I will post all my random thoughts and recount all my weird adventures on this blog, and I’d appreciate a few readers a day. If this blog ever gets anywhere, those few dedicated readers from the start of all this will party heavily with me. We will probably start a business partnership as well. Also, sorry for the possibility of grammar mistakes in these blogs, I’m trying to nail these out ASAP because when I sit and think about my writing for too long, I end up deleting it out of self-doubt. I’m just gonna take this website by a storm and start ravaging content daily. I gotta figure it out too. Time for decorating.

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