Who Took Johnny: The Temptation of Conspiracy and the Power of Denial
Blake Hunt

@David — easy there, cowboy, when you say legions of engineers and demolition specialists have wholly discredited the “offical story”. I’m a registered engineer and I do forensic accident reconstruction, and I can tell you with great confidence not one piece of physical evidence from the WTC, not one rivet, not one shard of steel, and not even one word from the most unreliable source, eyewitness testimony, contradicts the “official” story.

Whether or not people are gullible enough to buy into a more exciting 9/11 story is irrelevant to the truth. The facts of the case are not established by a democratic vote. If you want to say excited, poorly informed people are more likely to support alternative narratives than to believe the evidence, and they believe some Rube Goldberg conspiracy, be my guest.

Just don’t drag actual engineers into it. We engineers know the temperatures it takes to weaken steel, and know those temps are easily attained with the energy released by burning jet fuel in the windy vortices of a high altitude fire, just like they were easily attained centuries ago by blacksmiths using low tech ordinary wood fires. We don’t buy a conspiracy story simply because it would give us a thrill.

PS Oswald acted alone.

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