Short Story

She ran back to her room, locked the door and looked for her phone.
Tears falling down the cheeks, few hair falling out of the bun and sticking to her cheeks. Panicked Payal got her phone. Unconsciously her fingers dialed his number and desperately waited for him to lift the call.
While the phone rang on the other side, payal waited patiently...other side of her head constantly kept asking - why him? Out of all people who are close, why did you choose him???
He didn’t take the call.. she dialed his number again. Even more desperate this time. She clenched her fist and rested her head on the white curtains while waiting..She was about to cut the call.
But this time he takes the call.
She cried harder...and he just patiently heard her.. though he got worried in the starting as he had no clue why she called HIM. But later he could sense it. He kept talking the whole time, saying her " I’m there here Payal, you don’t have to worry. Nothing is gonna happen. Calm down.....etc"
And only sentence that soothed her soul was when he said - " it will all fall in place, it always does."
* whenever payal had these panic attack she called her friends. This time, she just dialed her ex-boyfriend. He, who still loved her. And her heart never stopped loving him*

It’s okay to have panic attacks..but remember don’t give it the power to break you down. Always talk it out to people and best way is to do yoga.
#staystrong #yoga #dontstoploving