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/************ Definitions ************/

Math definition 1: A linear operator X has a number of eigenvalues x1, x2, …, xn, and their corresponding eigenstates, |x1>, |x2>, …, |xn>, which satisfies:

X|x1> = x1|x1>
X|x2> = x2|x2>

X|xn> = xn|xn>

Those eigenvalues are complex numbers.

Math definition 2: each vector |x>…

I’m trying to understand why central bank’s money printing have not led to inflation, and here is my thoughts. Disclaimer: I don’t know much of economics and all I said could be wrong.

To begin with, what is money? Money, or currency, is a unit of value in an economic…


Random thoughts of a random guy. I know that I know nothing.

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