What it’s like to switch from User Research -> Product Management


Tech chops

Leadership not management

Story telling

If you are still with me…

Data orientation


Cross-functional comfort

So, there you have my lessons learned.

  • Take pains to understand the context surrounding your project work. Perhaps embedding is the way to go
  • Spend some time immersing yourself in engineering basics, you won’t regret it
  • You don’t need a structural reason to lead
  • Tell stories around your data, people will pay attention more
  • There are different types of data and different methods are employed to obtain this data. “Small sample” data is not inferior to live testing data, just different
  • Despite the “alpha” culture surrounding tech and product in particular, humility goes a long way towards motivating others and thinking clearly
  • Cross-functional collaboration works best when you understand what the other party wants




CPO @Lyst

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Mateo Rando

Mateo Rando

CPO @Lyst

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