EtherDoge —When Etherium and Dogecoin Join Together

The EtherDoge logo.

I love Dogecoin.

It’s a fun token based off a fuzzy Shiba Inu. There’s one thing that stands out from all the other cryptocurrencies: its community. Just look at /r/Dogecoin and you’ll see what I’m talking about. They have fundraisers and are actually really generous! They even once got a Dogecoin logo on a NASCAR car, and their ultimate goal is to go to the moon, hence their motto, “To the moon!”

Then I stumble across EtherDoge. I was actually looking to get some Etherium tokens to see what the hype was all about.

I looked at their webpage, but while it looks pretty sketchy, I saw they were doing an airdrop (aka giveaway) for free. I immediately clicked “Sign Up” and entered my Etherium address. Within 2 days, 5,000,000 EtherDoge was sent to my address.

I am encouraging you to sign up for this. I mean, who doesn’t like free money? Even if 5 million EtherDoge is only worth a few cents, it’s still free money.

Ethereum addresses aren’t super confidential, so there’s literally no tradeoff. The only drawback is that you can’t trade them until Oct. 23 11AM CDT. But that’s still free money. Go to to view their website, or just go here to claim your virtual money.

Because, after all, it’s free money.