Winners, respond if you see yourself on the list!

1. 0x1316FB4d258e6e9Db929144F2c05FE80D7fD6368–0.1107 ETH
2. 0xCddd2A70568EDab5010f3749193fC98A79810AE3–0.04428 ETH
3. 0x0197E5494cc7A629e15C17151b8d486f844b6280–0.01107 ETH

And 4 winners received 0.10585 eth

  1. 0x01fb7a4A48f188CEE150678a063210746ECB9311
  2. 0xa0CED7fa436b31A7f1b4A4D0b3610474ACa2AD97
  3. 0x9D9899C53b5Fa92821056887E5DBc93d30BAd352
  4. 0x0AD576B73c464EAc5599D75c1f13627707cBaC9d



The fairest lottery from all existing at the moment, based on the Ethereum Blockchain

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